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Intermediate IDL

Hi Brent, Martin, Xua, Scott and Horst. Thanks very much for your enthusiasm last week. I really enjoyed teaching the IDL course to such an eager bunch. The source code that we developed together is listed below. Alternatively, the entire lot can be downloaded as a single zip archive.

I strongly urge that you spend a few interspersed hours over the coming weeks writing some more IDL code from scratch. A good exercise might be to look at the GUI images shown in the training manual then code them up without reference to the source code. You can then compare your solution with those developed in the manual. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Source Code

Day 1

Simple widget program, xy plot with direct graphics
Resizable widget and flexibility via pointers in the state structure

Day 2

Images and xloadct
Intro to object graphics hierarchy
A widget-based object graphics window with a trackball

Day 3

Recap from Day 2 with render to printer object
Defining our own object classes, an OG surface with axes
Subclassing anusurface to provide added functionality
 Short code to exercise above objects

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