Semester 2 2000

Lecture Times:
Tue 09:00-10:00 CHEM T2
Thu 10:00-11:00 CHEM Moran G008
Fri 10:00-11:00 CHEM T2

Proposed lab times:
Wed 09:00-11:00
Wed 11:00-13:00

Special Lab this Friday 01/09/00 from 13:00-15:00

Any feedback about the course may be given by emailing Henry.Gardner@anu.edu.au .

Lecturer: Henry Gardner

Approximate Timetable for 2000

The 2000 course will resemble the following outline but the details may change. Two assignments will be set worth 20% of the total mark for the unit.

The total value of in-term assessment will be 40% and the exam will be worth 60%.

This unit is incompatible with COMP3067, COMP3320 and MATH3103.

Week No.



Assignment Due


828.08.00 Rounding Errors; Linear Algebra ----
904.09.00 Interpolation; Integration; Statistical Graphics 10.10.0020%
1009.10.00 Differentiation; ODE's ----
1116.10.00 PDE's; Finite Elements 27.10.0020%
1223.10.00 Optimisation ----
1330.10.00 Revision ----


Laboratory 1: Introduction to IDL

This laboratory will introduce the Interactive Data Language (IDL) and will give examples of some of the tricks that rounding errors play in floating point computations!

Assignment 1: Linear Algebra, Interpolation and Integration

In this assignment you will tinker with the Linear Systems routines of IDL and explore the conditioning and accuracy of interpolation and integration methods.

Some code fragments

We mentioned some IDL programs for ODEs in lectures. Click below to find

Assignment 2: Partial Differential Equations

In this assignment you will code up and solve an initial value (advection diffusion) and a boundary value (Laplace) equation.

Code from lecture 13 (linear programming)

Click below to find

Code from lecture 14 (simulated annealing)

Click below to find