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Computational Science and Engineering Education Program

Computational Science and Engineering (CS&E) is a new approach to education in the sciences and engineering which recognises the position of computer modelling and experimentation as a "third way" of working which complements the traditional experimental and theoretical approaches to knowledge acquisition. Evolving from the High Performance Computing and Communications communities in the USA and elsewhere from the late 1980's the new discipline is made up of industry and research professionals and tertiary educators from the once distinct areas of numerical analysis, computer science and engineering/science specialities. In education, CS&E promotes interdisciplinary, problem-centred curricula and has an orientation towards "real-life" applications in industry and research.

The Computational Science and Engineering Education Program at the Australian National University has been underway since 1996. The Program is a joint initiative between the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the ANU Supercomputer Facility.

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A "flagship" case study for the program is the analysis of the stainless steel support structure for the "Puppy" sculpture which was carried out by Sydney firm DW Knox and Partners. This study has been part of the ENGN4518 Computational Engineering and Computer Graphics courses.

Jeff Koons: Puppy 1995 Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia,
Copyright Jeff Koons 1995


Henry Gardner (Program Director)
Alistair Rendell
David Singleton


CSEEP and ANUSF staff are involved in teaching the following courses:

ENGN4518 Computational Engineering
COMP3067 Computational Science and Engineering
Maths C42H: Computational Methods for Gas Dynamics
Computational Physics
Computer Graphics.

CSEEP staff supervise three 4th year student projects and three PhD projects in cooperation with other ANU staff.

Teaching Laboratory

The HPC Laboratory has been established as the central site for the CSEE program on campus. The laboratory is used both as a graphics laboratory for desktop-scale modelling, and as a front end to the high performance supercomputers at ANUSF to perform "compute intensive" calculations while visualising the data in the lab.


The following workshops have been held in 1997:

CS&E International Links

o IEEE Computational Science and Engineering
This IEEE magazine can be thought of as "defining the area" of CS&E.
o Undergraduate Computational Sciences and Engineering Project
o National HPCC Software Exchange.
o NHSE Guide to CS&E Programs.

Other Australian Programs

o CANCES at the University of New South Wales
o VISLAB at the University of Sydney
o ACMC at the University of Queensland.

Other ANU Links

There are many first-rate mathematicians, scientists and engineers at the Australian National University whose work could be said to involve CS&E or computational modelling. The Institute of Advanced Studies at the ANU is the largest pure research institute in the Australian university system. In addition to the ANU links mentioned above, the following are useful.
o Advanced Computation and Modelling
o Guide to the Institute of Advanced Studies
o Faculty of Science
Contact for more information.

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