High Performance Computing Laboratory at the ANU

The HPC Laboratory is a teaching laboratory run by the ANU Supercomputer Facility (ANUSF) and the Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering (FEIT). Its main purpose is to support courses as part of ANU's program in Computational Science and Engineering. The laboratory is used both as a graphics laboratory for desktop-scale modelling, and as a front end to the high performance supercomputers at ANUSF to perform "compute intensive" calculations while visualising the data in the lab. As well as the many computational science projects available in the various faculties and research schools at ANU there are research opportunities within FEIT in computing for advanced HPC architectures.

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Contact hpclab@anusf.anu.edu.au if you have any queries about the hpclab.


The laboratory comprises 9 Silicon Graphics Indy (R4600PC) Workstations connected to a Challenge S (R4400SC). There is also access to a printer and colour printer.


The software on ANUSF machines can be found on our software map. The HPClab has many of the packages available on our production machines.

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