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Getting Help and Reporting Problems

For help on day-to-day problems such as reactivating projects, making enquiries about queues etc. send email to .

Reporting of System Faults

Contact the Supercomputer Facility, preferably by e-mail to or phone (02) 6125 5597/3437 providing as much detail about the problem as you can.

Faults Out-of-Hours and on University holidays

At present it is impossible to guarantee recovery of services out of hours. However, if you find that there is something seriously wrong with the ANUSF systems during unattended operation, it may be possible for the fault to be attended to out of hours.

Please consider very carefully before initiating an out-of-hours call - the continuation of this service is dependent on it being used with discretion and on the goodwill of staff!

First, check every possibility that the fault may be yours or in your local system. Take a careful note of all symptoms, then:

1. email with the details. Ask for a rapid confirmation the mail has been read - there may be an appropriate ANUSF staff member logged on. If you receive no reply, then:

2. Call ANU Security (02 6125 2249) and state that you have found a problem with the ANUSF computer systems in the Huxley Building and ask them to contact the appropriate ANUSF staff if possible. Leave your contact number/email and, if they are available, ANUSF staff will later attempt to contact you for a full description of the problem. A decision will then be made regarding calling out systems staff. The decision will be based on the probability of being able to repair the problem, the availability of staff and the time remaining until the next attended operations.

Minor problems discovered out of hours, or problems with other ITS systems, should not be reported to ANU Security.

For other problems or problems in working hours, contact the Supercomputer Facility by e-mail to (preferably) or phone (02) 6125 5597/3437.