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ANU Supercomputer Facility
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ANUSF Facilities

SGI Altix AC Compute Facility This is now the main computational system available to ANU researchers. The software available on this machine can be found under this link on the NCI site.
Mass Data Store Compute projects will generally be allowed up to 20 Gbytes of storage on the attached mass data store tape system (store). If you require more than 20 Gbytes storage on the mass data store, you will need to fill out the Mass Data Form application available on the Accounts page.
ANUSF Vizlab The Visualisation Laboratory is available for demonstrations and for researchers who wish to visualize or animate their results.
Contact help@anusf.anu.edu.au if you require access to these facilitites.
HPC training laboratory The High Performance Computing training laboratory is located at the rear of the Leonard Huxley Building, Mills Rd on ground level.
Software Request Form If the software which you require is not currently available on any of the systems, please complete and submit the form.