Report for ANU Grants and Usage on the SGI PC From Jan 98 Through Dec 98

Project Project Title Number of SU SU
Code Researchers Awarded Used
Allen (Chemistry, Faculty of Science)
w50 Molecular Dynamics Studies of Membrane Ion Channels 4 3600 5536
Baxter (Systems Engineering, RSISE)
v62 Automatic Feature Learning for OCR and Speech Recognition 2 5050 2204
Braun (Geodynamics, RSES)
m22 Three-dimensional Modelling of Crustal Deformation Coupled to Surface Processes 4 275 4
Brent (CSL, RSISE)
k58 Applications of Integer Factorization 4 11500 18655
Chelvanayagam (Human Genetics, JCSMR)
x06 Mechanism of the GSTT2 Enzyme 3 900 1521
x07 Flexibility of the GSTT2 Enzyme 3 900 380
Chung (Chemistry, Faculty of Science)
w16 Analysis of Single Channel Currents Using Signal Processing Techniques Based on Hidden Markov Models 5 5345 12166
Collins (RSC)
s01 Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces by Interpolation 4 2170 1554
Cummins (Computational Molecular Biology, JCSMR)
u51 qm/MM Calculations on Solvated Molecules 3 6060 8340
Dewar (Theoretical Physics, RSPhysSE)
s55 Plasma Turbulence in 3-Dimensional Magnetically Confined Plasmas 9 200 32
Easteal (Human Genetics, JCSMR)
w02 Comparative Evolutionary Analysis of Mitochondrial Genomes Using Maximum Likelihood 4 2000 378
Evans (RSC)
r61 Strain Rate Dependence of Heat Transfer as Applied to Planar Poiseuille Flow 2 6000 4414
s02 Calculation of the Stability of Phase Space Trajectories using Molecular Dynamics Simulations 3 5200 4443
Fischer (Chemistry, Faculty of Science)
u01 Energies and Potential Surfaces of the Excited Electronic States of the Triazines 3 400 2001
u54 Structures and Vibrational Frequencies of Pure Halocarbon Clusters, and Mixed Clusters with Water 3 900 1565
Gibson (Membrane Biochemistry, JCSMR)
q11 A Combined Molecular Biological and Computer Graphics Study of Biologically Active Proteins 2 140 24
Gready (Computational Molecular Biology, JCSMR)
u52 Enzyme-Ligand Docking and Drug Design 3 1500 1478
u53 Definition of the Chemical Mechanism of the Photosynthetic Enzyme Rubisco 5 2615 2821
v53 Hybrid Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical Studies of the Reaction Mechanism of Lactate and Malate Dehydrogenase 2 5250 4996
v54 Computation of Electron Densities of Proteins by a Classical Electrostatic Model 2 4400 4237
w05 Hybrid Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical Studies of the Reaction Mechanism of Dihydrofolate Reductase 4 6050 6196
x04 Simulation of the Structure of Sugar Chains of Glycoproteins 2 4150 4121
x11 Evaluation of the Potential of MOZYME for the Study of Enzyme Reaction Mechanisms 4 3100 3008
Jakeman (CRES)
s31 Dynamic Separation of Catchment Water Balance 3 720 104
James (Engineering, FEIT)
w53 Non Linear Filtering of Both Short and Long Memory Jump Processes 2 150 2
Kheifets (Electron Physics Unit, RSPhysSE)
x01 Non-perturbative Theory of Atomic Ionization with Two-electron Continuum 1 1600 97
Knackstedt (Applied Mathematics, RSPhysSE)
w09 Large-scale Modeling of Multi-phase Flows in Heterogeneous Porous Media 6 7150 3704
Love (OSC, RSPhysSE)
w13 Investigation of Optical Waveguide Devices by Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method 3 450 229
Mackey (Geography, SREM)
w52 The Development and Application of Methods for Assessing the Effects of Fire and Climate Change on Flora and Fauna Refugia in the Central Highlands of Victoria 3 2500 83
Marrink (Applied Mathematics, RSPhysSE)
w10 Computation of Surface Forces 2 3100 890
Martin (Laser Physics Centre, RSPhysSE)
w08 Strongly Driven 2,3,6 Level Quantum Systems 1 1000 837
McClelland (Physics and Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Science)
x19 Ligo Gravitational Wave Data Analysis 3 100 1
Ollis (Protein Structure, RSC)
s06 Protein Refinement and Engineering 6 400 75
Pace (Chemistry, Faculty of Science)
v64 ab initio Modelling of the Manganese Centre of Photosystem II 2 750 468
Pearson (Aust Centre Arts and Technology, Institute of Technology and the Arts)
w54 Digital Synthesis of Organic Musical Sounds by Finite Difference Simulation of the Behaviour of Vibrating Structures 1 1050 67
Petrie (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, RSC)
w60 Ab Initio and Molecular Dynamical Studies on Systems of Chemical and Astrochemical Interest 3 3400 3247
Radom (Computational Quantum Chemistry, RSC)
k29 Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry 3 4605 4210
p03 Unusual Structural and Energetic Consequences of Ionization 5 3495 3192
q07 Chemistry of Free Radicals 2 2645 1866
q08 Theoretical Thermochemistry 2 5995 5659
r54 Planar Carbon 2 5140 7561
s08 Free Radical Polymerization Reactions 4 2030 1255
v01 Enzyme-Mediated Reactions 2 5100 4868
v55 Ion-Neutral Complexes 5 3945 3594
v56 Small Ring Phosphorus Chemistry 4 4411 4338
Sambridge (Seismology, RSES)
r58 Applications of Computational Geometry to Large Scale Geophysical Inverse Problems 1 210 25
Savage (Physics and Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Science)
u57 Quantum Trajectories in Atom Optics 3 590 434
w17 Relativistic Optics 3 900 710
Saville (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, RSC)
w59 Low Field DNA Electrophoresis 1 1200 2266
Schranz (RSC)
s10 Efficient Calculation of Statistical and Dynamical Reaction Rates for Large Dimensional Molecular Systems 2 260 51
Taylor (CRES)
m33 A 3-D Tropospheric Transport and Chemistry Model 6 350 104
Torda (Inorganic Chemistry, RSC)
v04 Development and Application of Protein Fold Recognition Force Fields 3 1800 555
w51 Blending Protein Secondary Structure Information and Knowledge-Based Force Fields 3 2000 780
Welberry (RSC)
p05 Computation of X-ray Diffraction Patterns for 3D Model Systems 4 1860 120
v51 Reverse Monte Carlo Simulation for Analysing Diffuse X-ray Scattering 2 3200 859
Wickramasinghe (Mathematics, Faculty of Science)
w56 Accretion Disks Around Black Holes in Compact Binaries 4 2675 2174
Worrall (Aust Centre Arts and Technology, Canberra Institute of the Arts)
v57 Batch Rendering of Computer Animated Sequences 2 6000 3642
Totals* 163311 148142

* Totals include projects not listed here which made little or no use of the grant