Report for External Grants and Usage on the VPP300 From Jan 98 Through Dec 98

Project Project Title Number of SU SU
Code Researchers Awarded Used
Banner (Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
h01 Modelling Spectral Dissipation in the Evolution of Wind Waves 2 1850 977
Bisset (Mechanical Engineering, University of Newcastle)
g91 The AGE Method for DNS of Turbulent Shear Flows 1 725 539
Blackburn (Building, Construction and Eng, Monash University)
g89 Finite Element Large Eddy Simulation 2 4244 2315
Bursill (Physics, University of New South Wales)
h04 Density Matrix Renormalisation Group Studies of Quantum Lattice Models 3 1350 1103
Cranny (Charles Sturt University, Charles Sturt University)
h06 Density Classification 2 495 304
Daivis (Applied Physics, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
g73 Molecular Rheology of Freely Jointed Chain Model Polymer Melts 3 445 273
Hamer (Department of Physics, University of New South Wales)
g57 Study of Spin Lattice and Lattice Gauge Theory 6 2014 1591
Harrowell (Dept of Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g79 The Characteristic Length of Slow Dynamics in a Glass-forming Binary Mixture 3 1550 630
Haymet (School of Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g59 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Solutes in Liquid Water and at the Ice/Water Interface 5 2100 1231
Hearn (Geography and Oceanography, University of New South Wales)
h05 Coupled Physical-Biological Modelling of an Estuary 2 400 291
Holloway (Geography and Oceanography, University of New South Wales)
g69 A Numerical Investigation of Tidally Forced Internal Waves in the Ocean 1 1600 528
Leslie (School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
h09 A New High Resolution Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Model 2 250 22
Lim (Biological and Chemical Sciences, Deakin University)
g72 Simulation Studies of Collisional Deactivation in Combustion-Model and Atmospheric-Model Systems 3 80 78
Middleton (Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
h00 Ocean Circulation of the Great Australian Bight 3 1100 254
Middleton (Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
h02 Modelling Coastal Ocean Processes 6 1500 769
Pitman (Department of Physical Geography, Macquarie University)
g96 Base Simulations Within Global Soil Wetness Project 3 2594 2089
Reimers (School of Chemistry, University of Sydney)
h18 Modelling the Lowest Electronic Absorption Band of the Special-Pair Radical Cation of the Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Centre 2 150 39
Sadus (School of Information Technology, Swinburne Institute of Technology)
g36 Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions 5 1593 1485
Stelbovics (Physics, Murdoch University)
h15 Direct Approach to Electron-Impact Excitation/Ionisation of Hydrogen 2 200 94
Von Nagy-Felsobuki (Dept of Chemistry, University of Newcastle)
g19 Rovibrational Calculations of Bent Triatomic Molecules 4 1280 956
Wang (Physics, Murdoch University)
g48 Time Dependent Electron-Atom Scattering 3 370 27
Wang (School of Geography and Oceanography, University of New South Wales)
h12 A Numerical Study of Ocean Circulation in the South China Sea 1 100 63
Willett (School of Chemistry, University of New South Wales)
h14 Vanadium Oxide Cluster Anion Calculations - Optimized Structures and Reactivity with Small Organic Molecules 3 125 130
Williams (Dept of Physics and Math Physics, University of Adelaide)
g21 Research in Computational Physics 2 1016 4
Wood (Department of Mathematics, University of Newcastle)
g90 Stability Analysis of Solar Atmospheric Models 2 150 10
Yates (Department of Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g29 Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of the Stevens Rearrangement and Related Reactions 3 1462 1441
Totals* 30736 17246

* Totals include projects not listed here which made little or no use of the grant