ANU Supercomputer Facility - Annual Report 1998




Head, Academic Services

Robert Arthur Gingold, BSc (Hons) Monash, PhD

Academic Consultants

Murray Leslie Dow, BSc Monash, PhD Tasmania (half time)

Margaret Helen Kahn, BSc (Hons) Qld, MSc Qld, PhD (70% time)

Alistair Rendell, BSc Durham, PhD Sydney

David Barry Singleton, BSc Monash, PhD Monash

Roger William Brown, BSc Melbourne

Computational Science & Engineering Program (joint with DCS, FEIT)

Henry J. Gardner, BSc (Hons) Melbourne, Dipl. Comp. Studies Melbourne, PhD

Visualization Programmers

Drew Robert Whitehouse, BSc Qld

Stuart John Ramsden, GDip Swinburne University of Technology

Ajay Limaye BCS Pune, MSc Pune, PhD Pune (from September)

Consultant Programmers

Judith Helen Jenkinson, BSc (Hons), DipEd CCAE

Roberta Ann Allsman, BA UC Berkeley (half time)

Systems Engineers

Ben Evans, BSc (Hons)

Shuping Ran, BSc, Mexico, MSc, Mexico, PhD (until July)

Jonathan McCabe, BSc (part time)

Robert Davy, BSc (from August)


Lee Beatty

Fujitsu Computational Chemistry Project

Andrey Alexander Bliznyuk, BSc Novosibirsk , Phd Novosibirsk

Ajay Chandrashekhar Limaye, BCS Pune, MSc Pune, PhD Pune (until September)
Anthony James Russell, BSc UNE, PhD UNE (until March)

Stephen Paul Greatbanks, BSc UMIST, PhD Manchester (in JCSMR)

Harold Schranz BSc (Hons) Sydney, PhD Sydney (from December)

Stephen Titmuss, BSc Wollongong, BCS Wollongong, MSc Wollongong (in JCSMR)

Fujitsu Mathematics Project and Other Associated Staff

Lutz Grosz, DipMath Hanover, DrRerNat Karlsruhe (in SMS)

David Harrar II, BSc Washington & Lee, MAM, Virginia, PhD, Virginia (in SMS)

Bing Bing Zhou, PhD (in SMS/RSISE)

Geoff Keating, BSc (Hons) (in RSISE)

Gavin Mercer, BSc (Hons) (until June)

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