Human Organ Dosimetry Exposure to Radio and Microwave Fields


Principal Investigator

Karu P. Esselle

Electronics Department

Macquarie University


Mahmoud Foroughipour

Electronics Department

Macquarie University

Maria A. Stuchly

University of Victoria, Canada

Michal Okoniewski

University of Calgary, Canada


g78 - VPP

The electric fields induced in a human body, due to
exposure to radio and microwaves, will be
calculated accurately. The specific absorption rate (SAR), which is a measure of heat dissipation in body parts, will be calculated in specific organs. These computations will be achieved by porting a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic analysis computer code to the VPP supercomputer, and interfacing it with a high-resolution electromagnetic model of a human body, developed in the University of Victoria.


What are the results to date and the future of the work?

We have successfully ported and tested the Macquarie University FDTD code to the VPP. At the same time, the code has been ehanced to increase its computational efficiency. This was achieved by developing enhanced FDTD equations. The enhanced code has been extensively tested in the VPP for accuracy and efficiency. A microstrip patch antenna, which is a source of electromagnetic radiation that causes exposure, was modelled using the enhanced code. The results have been submitted for one journal and one conference paper.

What computational techniques are used?

The FDTD method for electromagnetic analysis (in-house developed code)



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