Finite Element Large Eddy Simulation


Principal Investigator

Hugh Blackburn

Mechanical Engineering Monash University


Dean Niclasen

Mechanical Engineering

Monash University


g89 - VPP

The project is concerned with developing large eddy
simulation methods for CFD simulation of turbulent
flows in complex geometries. The two main aspects are development of (i) efficient high-order finite element spatial discretisations with concurrent execution and (ii) explicit filtering techniques for subgrid-scale stress estimation that are suitable for these discretisations. The code uses explicit message passing via MPI to enable concurrent execution, and the main call on ANUSF resources is for CPU cycles.





What are the results to date and the future of this work?

To date, the code has been ported to the VPP, with optimisation to vectorise the key computational kernels, and development and testing of multiprocessor execution through MPI. A number of simulations of bluff body wake flows have been carried out, and the first tests of subgrid-scale stress models for large eddy simulation have been made in simulations of turbulent channel flow.

What computational techniques are used?

The code uses a spectral element/Fourier spatial discretisation that provides moderate 3D geometric complexity. The use of Fourier expansions in a homogeneous/periodic direction allows a comparatively simple parallel formulation, and execution is completely concurrent. The MPI message-passing kernel is employed for memory transposes required during the formulation of nonlinear terms in the Navier-Stokes equations.


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