ANU Supercomputer Facility - Annual Report 1998

Appendix B:

External VPP300

Individual Research Reports

This section presents individual reports on external projects supported by the Time Allocation Committee on the VPP300 and SGI Power Challenge. The reports were prepared by the individual principal investigators in a standard format. In some cases several projects are combined into a single report. At the time of going to press reports had not been received for a small number of projects.

Michael Banner

Modelling Spectral Dissipation in the Evolution of Wind Waves

David Bisset

The AGE Method for Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Shear Flows

Hugh Blackburn

Finite Element Large Eddy Simulation

John Bowie

Theoretical Studies of Negative Ions and their Corresponding Neutrals

Robert J. Bursill

Density Matrix Renormalisation Group Studies of Quantum Lattice Models

Timothy Cranny

Density Classification

P J Daivis

Molecular Rheology of Freely Jointed Chain Model Polymer Melts

Lawrie Dunn

Structures of Biopolymers in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Lawrie Dunn

Structures of Metal Based Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Karu P. Esselle

Human Organ Dosimetry Exposure to Radio and Microwave Fields

Chris J. Hamer

Study of Spin Lattice and Lattice Gauge Theory

Peter Harrowell

The Characteristic Length of Slow Dynamics in a Glass-Forming Binary Mixture

Anthony Haymet

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ice / Water Interfaces

Clifford J. Hearn

Coupled Physical-biological Modelling of an Estuary

Peter Holloway

A Numerical Investigation of Tidally Forced Internal Waves in the Ocean

Won Kim

Ab initio Study of Low Energy States of Sodium Iodide(NaI)

Kieran F. Lim

Simulation Studies of Collisional Deactivation in Combustion-Model and Atmospheric-Model Systems

John F. Middleton

Ocean Circulation of the Great Australian Bight

Jason H Middleton

Modelling Coastal Ocean Processes

A. J. Pitman

The Impact of Land-use Change on the Global and Regional Climate

Richard J. Sadus

Molecular Simulation of the Phase Behaviour of Fluids

Andris Stelbovics

Direct Approach to Electron-Impact Excitation/Ionization of Hydrogen

Ellak I. Von Nagy-Felsobuki

Rovibrational Calculations of Helide Ions

XH Wang

A Numerical Study of Ocean Circulation in the South China Sea

Paul G. Wilkes

Application, Comparison, and Optimisation of Geophysical Techniques in Detection of Groundwater

Gary D. Willett

Vanadium Oxide Cluster Anion Calculations - Optimized Structures and Reactivity with Small Organic Molecules

Clifford Woodward

Simulation of Non-uniform Polymer Fluids

Warren Wood

Stability Analysis ofSolar Atmospheric Models

Brian Yates

Theoretical Studies on the Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions

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