Batch Rendering of Computer Animated Sequences


Principal Investigator

D Worrall

Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology


v57 - PC

The Power Challenge has been a vital part of
realising postgraduate student animation works,
the computational power used mainly for raytracing 3D animation imagery. Each semester culminates in a performance night of students work, previous to this time it is inevitable that intensive use of the Power Challenge is desired. It would be useful to be awarded high priority rendering time for particularly the week previous to the end of sememster.



What are the results to date and the future of this work?

An ACAT performance night was held in November 1998 and another in June 1999 will demonstrate the ongoing use of PC computational power in assisting rendering for graduate animation students. Video compilations of student works will be available at the ITA library shortly.

What computational techniques are used?

Raytracing algorithms as employed by Houdini animation software. Renders 3D geometry.

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