Aerial Thermal Infra-Red Survey of the Tasman Limestone Near Yass


Principal Investigator

B P Harrold

Geology Department

The Faculties


d20 - MDSS


This project draws together many years of sporadic ground mapping and other research by using an airborne technique of predawn thermal infa-red imagery to produce a detailed response map as a contribution to the overview of the stratigraphic and structural configuration of a complex part of the Lachlan Fold Belt.

The infa-red imaging (TIR) has the capacity to identify the fine detail of the thin limestone units and structural complexities of the folds and faults, and provide the basis for a detailed structural map. This map is now the basis for further studies, especially in palaeontology and stratigraphy, to be carried out by present and future students of the department. Currently, we have undergraduate students performing detailed surveying of the region using Differential GeoPositioning Satellite receivers (DGPS) with the aim of correcting and rectifying the original infar-red images.
With the assistance of the ANUSF Mass Data Storage System, we are collating data via our GIS modelling of the landscape, to produce an enhanced geological map, which will, in itself, contribute to the understanding of the structure of an important part of the Lachlan Fold Belt.


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