Table 1. External University Principal Investigators-Grants and Usage on the VPP300

Project Project Title Number of SU SU
Code Researchers Awarded Used
Allan (Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney)
g50 Ab Initio Studies on the Tautomerism of Dioxo-pyridazines and Their Anions, as Novel Bio-Isosteres 2 140 32
Bisset (Mechanical Engineering, University of Newcastle)
g91 The AGE Method for DNS of Turbulent Shear Flows 1 350 244
Blackburn (Mechanical Engineering, Monash University)
g89 Finite Element Large Eddy Simulation 2 2000 1637
Booker (Civil Engineering, University of Sydney)
g71 Three-Dimensional Boundary Element Analysis of Ground Water Contamination by Landfill Leachate (CONTAN 3D) 2 480 83
Carman (School of MPCE, Macquarie University)
g88 Numerical Modelling of the Plasma Kinetics of High-Power Copper Vapor Lasers with Halogen Donor Additives 1 500 22
Daivis (Applied Physics, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
g73 Molecular Rheology of Freely Jointed Chain Model Polymer Melts 4 150 5
Drummond (Physics, University of Queensland)
g52 Previous two titles were ... Bose-Einstein Condensation ... Higher Dimensional Parametric Solitary Waves 3 1300 65
Dunn (Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g53 Sructures of Biopolymers in the Pulp and Paper Industry 2 360 360
Edwards (School of PSET, Murdoch University)
g70 Molecular Simulation of Vapour-Liquid Equilibria and Mixture Properties of Binary Systems 2 530 421
Hamer (Physics, University of New South Wales)
g57 Study of Spin Lattice and Lattice Gauge Theory 6 2250 292
Harrowell (Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g34 The Role of Molecular Flexibility in Stabilizing Translational Order in Liquid Crystals 2 46 0
g79 The Characteristic Length of Slow Dynamics in a Glass-forming Binary Mixture 3 1651 1639
Haymet (Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g58 Charged Fluids Near Interfaces; Pair Integral Equation Theories and Applications 3 100 0
g59 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Solutes in Liquid Water and at the Ice/Water Interface 5 2000 1915
Holloway (Geography and Oceanography, University of New South Wales)
g69 A Numerical Investigation of Tidally Forced Internal Waves in the Ocean 1 1418 257
Jacobs (Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland)
g60 Parallel Calculation of Hypervelocity Flows in Shock Tunnels 2 350 11
Lim (Biological and Chemical Sciences, Deakin University)
g72 Simulation Studies of Collisional Deactivation in Combustion-Model and Atmospheric-Model Systems 2 190 102
Middleton (Mathematics, University of New South Wales)
h00 Ocean Circulation of the Great Australian Bight 3 50 10
Pitman (Earth Sciences, Macquarie University)
g96 Base Simulations Within Global Soil Wetness Project 3 300 149
Radny (Physics Department, University of Newcastle)
g38 Chemisorption on Semiconducting and Metallic Surfaces 4 140 138
Sadus (Computer Science, Swinburne Institute of Technology)
g36 Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions 3 523 309
Schulte ( Applied Physics, University of Technology, Sydney)
g65 Effective Transport and Elastic Moduli of Partially Damaged Materials 1 250 0
g66 Quantum Molecular Dynamics of the Formation of Novel Carbons 4 290 15
Storer (Physics, Flinders University of South Australia)
e80 Effect of Resistivity on Tokomak Eigenmodes 3 100 35
Thompson (Mechanical Engineering, Monash University)
g86 Previous two titles were ... The Optimization of Time Stepping Schemes for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations ... Simulation of Three-dimensional Forced Flows Over Long Flat Plates 2 800 22
Von.Nagy-Felsobuki (Chemistry, University of Newcastle)
g19 Rovibrational Calculations of Bent Triatomic Molecules 4 260 245
Williams (Physics and Mathematical Physics, University of Adelaide)
g21 Research in Computational Physics 0 2048 254
Wood (Mathematics, University of Newcastle)
g90 Stability Analysis of Solar Atmospheric Models 2 126 23
Yates (Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g29 Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of the Stevens Rearrangement and Related Reactions 3 1373 1144
de-Sterke (Theoretical Physics, University of Sydney)
g63 Self-written Waveguides in Bulk Photosensitive Materials 3 260 82
Totals* 23512 9514

* Totals include projects not listed here which made little or no use of the grant