Table 2. External University Principal Investigators-Grants and Usage on the PC

Project Project Title Number of SU SU
Code Researchers Awarded Used
Bowie (Chemistry , University of Adelaide)
g77 Structures and Reactivities of Unusual Anions and Neutrals 5 1500 981
Dunn (Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g53 Sructures of Biopolymers in the Pulp and Paper Industry 2 1700 1774
Liddell (Chemistry Department, James Cook University)
g92 Atmospheric Chemistry - Dimethyl Sulphate Formation 1 700 378
Petrie (RSC)
g84 Ab Initio Calculations of Highly Unsaturated Interstellar Molecules 3 2000 2272
Radny (Physics Department, University of Newcastle)
g38 Chemisorption on Semiconducting and Metallic Surfaces 4 800 794
Rohl (Applied Chemistry, Curtin University of Technology)
g98 Inhibition of Calcite Crystal Growth by HEDP and its Analogues - A Molecular Modelling Study 2 920 693
Torop (Physics Department, University of Adelaide)
g93 Ab Initio Calculations of the Potential Curves of the Low States of NaI Using the program MOLPRO 2 200 111
Von.Nagy-Felsobuki (Chemistry, University of Newcastle)
g19 Rovibrational Calculations of Bent Triatomic Molecules 4 200 192
Wilkes (Exploration Geophysics, Curtin University of Technology)
g99 Application, Comparison, and Optimisation of Geophysical Techniqueues in Detection of Groundwater Contamination 2 250 214
Woodward (Department of Chemistry, University of New South Wales)
g87 Simulations of Nonuniform Polymer Fluids 2 1040 3541
Yates (Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g29 Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of the Stevens Rearrangement and Related Reactions 3 1495 1687
Totals* 11065 12638

* Totals include projects not listed here which made little or no use of the grant