Batch Rendering of Computer Animated Sequences


Principal Investigator

Stuart Ramsden

Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology,

Institute of The Arts

This is an ongoing project to facilitate the rendering of animation by postgraduate students and staff at
the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology (ACAT). The project uses the processing capability of the SGI Power Challenge to allow the computation of complex raytraced imagery which would be prohibitive on local workstations.


v57 - PC


What are the results to date and the future of this work?

A total of 14 animated works were rendered in 1997 with a combined screening time of over 1 hour. More than 3000 CPU hours was utilized in the computation of these images.

What computational techniques are used?

The production renderer used is 'Mantra' a product from SideFX Inc. and part of the commercial animation package HOUDINI. It uses raytracing to calculate its imagery, and whilst efficient in what it does, this process can become very CPU intensive, especially as scene complexity grows.

The SGI Power Challenge is ideally suited to this task, with its fast floating point performance, multi processor capability and large memory capacity.

Public Performances:

'Fruit of the Chip', July 1997

'Core Dump', November 1997

A catalog of recent works can be found at the ACAT online gallery, (