Staff Changes, Development and Training


ANU Supercomputer Facility Staff

Dr Alistair Rendell, a computational chemist working on the Fujitsu Area 3 project was appointed as an Academic Consultant in July where his duties include supervision of the Fujitsu Area 3 computational chemistry project. Dr Rebecca Schmidt joined the Area 3 project team for six months before taking a postdoctoral position in the Computational Molecular Biology and Drug Design Group in JCSMR.

Mr Ben Evans, who had been temporarily working part-time on the installation of the Australian Cooperative Supercomputer Facility's Silicon Graphics computer, was appointed to a two year post funded by the Australian Research Council.

Dr Margaret Kahn, who is employed half-time as an Academic Consultant continued to work an additional 7.5 hours per week as coordinator of the Fujitsu Area 4 Mathematics project. Dr Murray Dow, also employed half-time as an Academic Consultant took up an additional half-time appointment in the Area 4 project for one year from September. Dr Linda Stals left the project in March. Mr Gavin Mercer joined the project half-time in September as software engineer/librarian.


Associated Staff

The Facility's staff are also involved in and manage a collaborative project with Fujitsu Limited in Parallel Mathematical Library Software development (the Area 4 project). In addition to staff employed in the Facility itself mentioned above, in 1996 this project employed Drs David Harrar (SMS), Eric Jiang (SMS), and Lutz Grosz (SMS) and gave partial support to Dr M Hegland, RSISE. A PhD student in RSISE (Mr Geoff Keating) also began work on the project in February. This project is described elsewhere in this report.


Staff Development and Training

Given the unusual and quasi-academic skills required of many of the Facility's staff, suitable development and training is often available only through attendance at conferences and workshops.

Ms Allsman and Dr Gingold attended the Fujitsu International User Group's annual meeting, FISUM5 in Manchester, from 22-23 September and the VPP Special Interest Group meeting on the following day. Ms Allsman gave a site report at the FISUM5 meeting and also attended the preceding Siemens SAVE supercomputer users group meeting on 19-20 September in Berlin.

Ms Allsman and Dr Ran attended the Australian Unix Users Group meeting held at the ANU on 12-14 February, a Sun Hot Java course 8-9 February in Canberra and a course on DCE/DFS run by the ACSys CRC on 15 February.

Dr Gardner attended the First International Workshop on Computational Science and Engineering held at Purdue University, Indiana on 21-22 October. He also visited the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.

Mr Whitehouse attended the Effects and Animation Festival on 1-3 May in Sydney.

Mr Evans visited Fujitsu Japan in June to attend a training course on VPP300 systems administration. He also attended a Silicon Graphics High Performance Computing User Group meeting held at the University of Queensland on 1 November where he presented a report on ANUSF activities.

As part of her investigation of replacement software for the massive data storage system, Dr Ran attended the Fifth NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies, Maryland on 17-19 September. She also visited mass data storage sites at the University of Delaware and Bristol-Myres Squibb in Princeton at that time.

Drs Edberg, Rendell and Wielopolski attended the Second Australian Molecular Modelling Workshop held at JCSMR on 2-4 October.