Table 4. ANU Principal Investigators - Grants and Usage on the CM-5

Project Number ofS U S UBonus
CodeProject Title researchers Awarded Usedused
s54*Reconstruction Algorithms for Nuclear Medical 29 00
Bossomaier(CSL, RSPhysSE)
u04Evolutionary Neural Networks 3120 10121
Boswell(PRL, RSPhysSE)
s75PIC Simulations of Plasma Processing Systems 327 00
m22*Three-dimensional Modelling of Crustal 220 00
Deformation Coupled to Surface Processes
k58Applications of Integer Factorization 477 00
Chen(OSC, RSPhysSE)
q12*Nonlinear Waveguide Theory and Phenomena 213 00
Dewar(Theo Phys, RSPhysSE)
r21Simulation of Neo-Classical Plasma Transport 3405 427572
s55*Plasma Turbulence in 3-Dimensional Magnetically 5975 2610
Confined Plasmas
r22Molecular Dynamics on the CM-5 287 160
and Non-Equilibrium Liquids
u03Time Correlation Functions in Equilibrium 2190 00
u55Parallel 3D Pseudospectral Simulation of Seismic 2290 690
Wave Propagation
Harrar(Mathematics, Faculties)
r09Parallel/Vector Implementation of Algorithms 143 358
for the Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Jagadish(EME RSPhysSE)
u58Molecular Dynamics Simulation of 340 130
Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors
s31Dynamic Separation of Catchment Water Balance 5269 860
James(Systems Engineering, RSISE)
r73Computing the H-Infinity Norm 370 120
s76Nonlinear H-Infinity Control 125 40
Knackstedt(Applied Maths, RSPhysSE)
s25Characterisation of and Transport in 61072 1068462
Natural Reservoirs
s29Transport in Bicontinuous Materials 2185 321
Luther-Davies (OSC, RSPhysSE)
q04*Dark Optical Soliton and Soliton 3431 2300
Induced Waveguide Devices
Marcelja(Applied Mathematics, RSPhysSE)
r26Monte - Carlo Simulation of Curvature 227 00
Elastic Interfaces
Meglicki(ARP, RSISE)
n08*MHD Phenomena in Accretion Systems 440 00
r27N-Body Astrophysics 10140 5173
Ramsden(ACAT, ITA)
s78An Algorithm Visualiser for the CM-5 195 00
Redman(Neuroscience, JCSMR)
r29Hippocampal Local Circuits 29 100
u56Receiver Function Inversion for Seismic 2100 410
Velocity Structures in the Crust Beneath the
Eastern Part of Australia
s28Parallel Algorithms and Their Implementation 125 00
for Real-time Image Restoration
Totals 478424241187