Table 3. ANU Principal Investigators - Grants and Usage on the VP2200

Project Number ofSU SUBonus
CodeProject Title researchers Awarded Usedused
s54*Reconstruction Algorithms for 2181 0
Batchelor(Mathematics, Faculties)
r05Zero-Noise Limit of Three-Dimensional 2395 0
Laplacian Growth Processes
r50Pattern Formation in Laplacian Fields 22913 0
q54A Quantam Mechanical Study of the 23926 0
Catalytic Site of the Aspartic Proteinases
s12A Quantum Mechanical Study of the 2340 0
Catalytic Mechanism of Class A B-Lactamases
u05Three Dimensional Simulations of 21200 0
Jet-Cloud and Wind-Cloud Interactions
Blackwell(PRL, RSPhysSE)
k05The Effect of Symmetry Breaking Errors on 817349 0
the HELIAC Magnetic Configuration
m22*Three-dimensional Modelling of Crustal 29324 0
Deformation Coupled to Surface Processes
k58*Applications of Integer Factorization 4524517 127
Chappell(BioGeo, RSPacS)
r51Palaeoclimate and Climate Modelling With the 2918916 65
New CSIRO Coupled Atmosphere --Ocean - Land
Surface Sea Ice Scheme of General Circulation Models
Chen(OSC, RSPhysSE)
q12Nonlinear Waveguide Theory and Phenomena 2210 0
q51Formation, Evolution and Decay of 22417 2
Highly Nonlinear Solitary Waves
s52Highly Nonlinear Solitary Waves in 26646 0
Compressible Fluids
Chung(Chemistry, Faculties)
r06Permeation of Ions Through Membrane Channels 44030 0
- Molecular Dynamics Studies
p35Intramolecular Vibrational Energy Redistribution 29168 0
and Reaction Dynamics in Excited Molecules
s01Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces by Interpolation 39887 17
s51Model Simulations of B-DNA Dynamics 2663 0
r08Fluid Dynamics of Terrestrial Mantle Plumes 1274243 6
u51qm/MM Calculations on Solvated Molecules 29076 0
k43Mantle Convection 26320 0
Dewar(Theo Phys, RSPhysSE)
k123D MHD Equilibrium and Stability 77845 0
s55*Plasma Turbulence in 3-Dimensional 511077 0
Magnetically Confined Plasmas
s11Molecular Simulations of Superconducting 4310 0
Crystals RbxC60
r04Transport Processes in Liquids of Flexible 3375368 0
Chain Molecules
r61Investigation of the Strain Rate Dependence of 2383380 11
Heat Transfer as Applied to Planar Poiseuille Flow
s02Calculation of the Stability of Phase Space 3404399 4
Trajectories using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Fischer(Chemistry, Faculties)
s03Theoretical Studies of Vibrational Frequencies 13838 13
of Selected Halocarbons of Topical Interest
u01Energies and Potential Surfaces of the Excited 2120120 33
Electronic States of the Triazines
u54Structures and Vibrational Frequencies of Pure 22524 0
Halocarbon Clusters, and Mixed Clusters with Water
Gibson(Biochem/Molecular Biology, JCSMR)
q11A Combined Molecular Biological and Computer 211891 4
Graphics Study of Biologically Active Proteins
Gready(Biochem/Molecular Biology, JCSMR)
u52Enzyme-Ligand Docking and Design 26551 0
u53Definition of the Chemical Mechanism 34038 0
of the Photosynthetic Enzyme Rubisco
u06The Evolution of Continuously Stratified Vortices 2701 0
Houwing(Physics, Faculties)
n13Non-Equlibrium Re-Entry Flows 59936 0
r52Coupling Surface Hydrology Models to the CCM1 5178105 0
q53Restrained Molecular Dynamics of Biological 280 0
Kennett(Seismology, RSES)
s04Iterative Seismic Scattering 24029 0
Kuyucak(Theo Phys, RSPhysSE)
r53Investigation of Collective Nuclei in the SDG 2158132 10
Interacting Boson Model
n55Sea-Level Change in Late Pleistocene and 514868 0
Holocene Time
r01Mantle Plumes 1449 0
Lindesay(Geography, Faculties)
s13Modelling the Atmospheric Response to 21000 0
Mid-Latitude Forcing During Enso
Lloyd(Plant Environmental Biology, RSBS)
s53Interactions Between the Hydrological 4156 0
and Carbon Cycles at a Global Scale
Luther-Davies (OSC, RSPhysSE)
p59Towards a Modelocked Waveguide Laser 38319 5
q04*Dark Optical Soliton and Soliton Induced 315521 0
Waveguide Devices
McClelland(Physics, Faculties)
s05Numerical Modelling of Laser Interferometers 1250 0
Meglicki(ARP, RSISE)
n08*MHD Phenomena in Accretion Systems 4274129 0
q56Environmental Domain Analysis with Very 4332 0
Large Data Sets - Evaluation of Attributes,
Weightings, Classificatory Strategies
s59Agroclimatic Analysis for Mainland East Asia 37013 0
by a GIS Approach
p55A Spatial Model of Community Dynamics in 36938 0
Patchy Landscapes
s58Dynamics of Mistletoe Invasion of Fragmented 36639 0
r11Dienelactone Hydrolase; Protein Engineering 23126 0
s06Protein Refinement and Engineering 7200187 0
Pace(Chemistry, Faculties)
q63Theoretical Studies of the Oxygen Evolving 2116112 15
Site of Photosystem II
Persson(Theo Phys, RSPhysSE)
k67Nonlinear Resistive Magneto-Hydrodynamics 716199 0
in the Presence of Flows
n59Hidden Low-Dimensional Attractors in 5303199 0
High-Dimensional Simulations
k29Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry 7184184 0
p02Theoretical Studies of Organic 3155154 15
Reactive Intermediates
p03Unusual Structural and Energetic 2162182 84
Consequences of Ionization
q07Chemistry of Free Radicals 8151150 0
q08Theoretical Thermochemistry 4134109 0
r54Planar Carbon 2121149 26
r56Isotope Effects 310298 55
s07Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions 4132131 0
s08Free Radical Polymerization Reactions 3139139 26
Rasmussen(Chemistry, Faculties)
s09Regioselectivity of Enolate Alkylations 13016 0
r57Vibronic Models of Triptycene-rare Gas Complexes 460 0
r58Applications of Computational Geometry to Large 1472 0
Scale Geophysical Inverse Problems
Savage(Physics, Faculties)
r62Modelling Atomic Diffraction 3171158 0
u57Quantum Trajectories in Atom Optics 36563 0
s10Efficient Calculation of Statistical and Dynamical 112763 24
Reaction Rates for Large Dimensional Molecular Systems
m33A 3-D Tropospheric Transport and Chemistry Model 24218 0
r59Climatic Effects of Biomass Burning 519364 0
r60Climate Studies with the CCM1 - Controls 812341 0
for the Present Day Climate
s56Mesoscale Meteorological Modelling 36638 0
s57Tropospheric Chemistry of Ozone and 36739 0
Carbon Monoxide
u02Spin Asymmetry in (e,ze) Collisions 2800 0
p05Computation of X-ray Diffraction Patterns 4311296 0
for 3D Model Systems
Wickramasinghe (SMS)
q06Stream Magnetosphere Interaction in Phase Locked 323959 0
Magnetic Binary Systems
Totals 99007195 542