Table 1. External University Principal Investigators-Grants and Usage on the VP2200

ProjectNumber of SUSU
CodeProject Titleresearchers AwardedUsed
Cao(Earth Science, Flinders University)
g493-D Modelling of Electric Potential Distribution in Realistic Models 12010
Diepeveen(Mathematics, Murdoch University)
g40Genetic Polymorphisms - A Computer 270
Assisted Approach
Harrowell(Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g34The Role of Molecular Flexibility in Stabilizing 2128114
Translational Order in Liquid Crystals
Heiser(Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales)
g32Simulation of Silicon Solar Cells 49432
Paddon-Row(Chemistry, University of New South Wales)
e01Theoretical Modelling of Chemical Reactivity 2111101
Pongracic(School of Physics, University of Sydney)
g35The Influence of Magnetic Fields on Star Formation 27666
g42Dynamics of Large-Scale (200Mpc) Structures 2204
g47Star Formation via Shock-Cloud Interactions 15151
Sadus(Computer Science, Swinburne University)
g36Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions 24255
Salter-Duke(SMPS, Northern Territory University)
g46Computational Quantum Chemistry of 15336
Group 13 Hydrides
Scholz(Physics Department, Murdoch University)
g48Time-dependent Electron-Atom Scattering 18229
Scott(Applied Sciences, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
g44Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Optical 243
Phenomena in Ferroelectric Materials
Smith(Physics Department, University of Newcastle)
g38Chemisorption and Etching on Silicon Surfaces 310298
Togneri(Engineering, University of Western Australia)
g43Arrhythmia Detection in ECGs/A Neural Network 232
Model Based on Hermite Functions
Von_Nagy-Felsobuki(Chemistry, University of Newcastle)
g19Rovibrational Calculations of Bent 411468
Triatomic Molecules
Williams(Physics and Mathematical Physics, University of Adelaide)
g21Research in Computational Physics 37127
Wolff(Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre, University of Tasmania)
g22Southern Ocean and Atmosphere Process Model 2181173
g28Parametrization of Potential Vorticity Fluxes 14212
Yates (Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g29Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of 3144108
the Stevens Rearrangement and Related Reactions
Zheng(Theoretical Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g37Quantum Mechanical Simulation of 16056
Gas/Surface Dynamics
Totals 1616*1045

* Total includes grants to projects not listed here which made little or no use of the grant