Appendix B: External University Individual VP2200 Research Reports

This section presents individual reports on projects from other universities supported by the Time Allocation Committee on the VP2200 under the External Use Scheme. The reports were prepared by the individual principal investigators in a standard format. In some cases several projects are combined into a single report.

Peter Harrowell

The Role of Molecular Flexibility in Stabilizing Translational Order in Liquid Crystals

Gernot Heiser

Simulation of Silicon Solar Cells

Helen Pongracic

The Influence of Magnetic Fields on Star Formation

Richard Sadus

Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions

Brian Salter-Duke

Computational Quantum Chemistry of Group 13 Hydrides

Timothy Scholz

Time-dependent Electron-Atom Scattering

P V Smith

Chemisorption and Etching on Silicon Surfaces

E von Nagy-Felsobuki

Rovibrational Calculations of Bent Triatomic Molecules

Anthony G. Williams

Research in Computational Physics

Joerg-Olaf Wolff

Southern Ocean and Atmosphere Process Model

Joerg-Olaf Wolff

Parameterization of Potential Vorticity Fluxes

Brian Yates

Theoretical Studies on the Mechanisms of the Stevens rearrangement and Related Reactions

Xiaoming Zheng

Quantum Mechanical Simulation of Gas/Surface Dynamics