Education, Seminars and Related Academic


Seminars and Workshops

In 1995 the Supercomputer Facility formally became a joint sponsor of the weekly 'Advanced Computation' seminars series traditionally organized by the Centre for Mathematical Applications, SMS. Facility staff presented two such seminars:

Dr Margaret Kahn, Experiences of Parallel Versions of Symmetric Eigenvalue Solvers, 22 May.

Dr Alistair Rendell, Global Array Tools and Their Use in Quantum Chemistry Codes, 28 May.

In addition, the following seminars were presented by the Facility:

Dr Mark Furtney, Cray Research, presented a seminar on Performance Issues on the Cray T3E on 24 April.

Dr John Carpenter, Cray Research spoke on Computational Chemistry on the Cray T3D on 16 May.

In conjunction with CRES and the Global Change Confederation, Mr John Michalakes, Argonne National Laboratory spoke on Implementing Atmospheric Models on Scalable Parallel Computers on 11 September.

A half-day workshop attended by around 40 staff and students on Modern Fortran and Parallel Programming was given on 25 March by Professor John Reid, Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, Dr Chris Johnson and Mr David Sitsky, FEIT and Dr David Singleton, ANUSF.

In conjunction with the Centre for Mathematical Applications, SMS, and CSL, RSISE and ANZIAM a one-day workshop on The New Computational Mathematics was held on 12 December. This attracted a around 60 computational researchers from the ANU as well as a number of interstate speakers and attendees as well as one from New Zealand.

The Facility also supported the attendance of Dr Martin Head-Gordon, University of California Berkeley, Dr Benny Johnson, Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center and Dr Peter Gill, Massey University at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute conferences on Physical Chemistry and the Sixth Australian Conference on Chemical Reaction Dynamics held at ANU 12-16 February.

Training Courses

With the maturity of the supercomputer systems, the demand for courses on use of the VP and CM systems has lessened. Dr David Singleton and Ms Judy Jenkinson gave a FORTRAN 90 course on on 15-16 June. This course was attended by approximately 15 researchers and students.

Undergraduate Educational Activities

The Supercomputer Facility and the Department of Computer Science received partial funding under the 1994 Quality Assurance Program to establish an educational program in computational science and engineering. With the support of other funds, Dr Henry Gardner was appointed as Lecture Level C in December. Initially senior undergraduate courses will be established, followed by postgraduate and industrial courses. The aim is to take a 'hands-on' approach based on solving real-world problems using case studies. A computational laboratory for this program was established late in the year in the CSIT building with links to high performance computing systems on campus. The laboratory will also be available for other uses which require workstations with substantial graphics power.

Also with funding from the Quality Assurance Program, Ms Dena Hyman was appointed in conjunction with the Centre for Resource and Environmental Sciences as a programmer/researcher to assist (amongst other duties) with establishing materials for the teaching of courses by the Department of Geography and CRES in climate modelling.

Postgraduate Educational Activities

Facility staff assisted with a program of lectures organized by Dr M Hegland, CSL, RSISE for postgraduate students on Parallel Numerical Algorithms. The course consisted of 13 lectures plus tutorials and was attended by up to 50 students.

Fujitsu ANU-Japan Exchange Scheme

As part of the research and development agreement between the ANU and Fujitsu entered into at the time of the acquisition of the VP100 a number of visits of ANU researchers to Japan and vice versa have been funded over the years. In 1995, this fund assisted the attendance by Dr S Nose, Keio University at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute conferences on Physical Chemistry and the Sixth Australian Conference on Chemical Reaction Dynamics held at ANU 12-16 February.

Fujitsu International Supercomputer Users Meeting

The annual Fujitsu International Supercomputer Users Meeting, FISUM4 was held at the ANU in September and attracted a number of international and Australian speakers and participants. Further details are given elsewhere in this report.


Dr Nobes was the principal organizer for a major international scientific meeting Molecular Quantum Mechanics: Methods and Applications held in Cambridge, UK in September 1995.