The following staff changes occurred in 1995:

ANU Supercomputer Facility Staff

Dr Ross Nobes resigned in May to take a position with Molecular Simulations Inc, Cambridge UK. Dr Alistair Rendell, formerly of Daresbury Laboratory, UK, joined the Fujitsu Software project as leader in April. Ms Linda Stahls from SMS also joined the project until March 1996 to assist with mathematical library work.

In mid-year, a second systems programmer, Dr Shuping Ran, was employed to assist with the increased load associated with the larger range of services offerred. At the end of the year, a temporary systems programmer, Mr Ben Evans, was employed on a part-time basis to assist with the installation of the Australian Cooperative Supercomputer Facility's Silicon Graphics computer.

Ms Lee Beatty replaced Ms Sue McLean as Administrator in May.

Late in the year, Dr Henry Gardner took up a joint post in the Facility and the Department of Computer Science, FEIT, as a lecturer to develop and present new programs in computational science and engineering education (described elsewhere in this Report).

Associated Staff

The Facility's staff are also involved in and manage a collaborative project with Fujitsu Limited in Parallel Mathematical Library Software development (the so-called Area 4 project). In 1995 this project employed Drs David Harrar (SMS), Zbigniew Leyck (SMS) and Mr David Miron (SMS) and gave partial support to Dr M Hegland, RSISE. This project is described elsewhere in this report.

In addition to the Facility staff working on the 'Area 3' Computational Chemistry and Environmental Science project with Fujitsu Limited, Dr Jay Larson was funded by this project until June as a post-doctoral fellow in CRES to work on the environmental aspects of this project.

With the support of Quality Funds awared to the Supercomputer Facility and CRES, Ms Dena Hyman was employed in CRES to provide technical support to climate modellers and to assist with developing aids for teaching in this field.

The Facility also funded a six month position for Dr Helen Smith in RSPhysSE to assist in the computational plasma research program.

Full details of staff can be found at the front of this report.