Table 1. External University Principal Investigators -- Grants and Usage on the VP2200

Project			                                     Number of    SU        SU
Code               Project Title                           researchers    Awarded   Used

Agnew              (Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide)                       
g23                The Study of Mass Diffusion in Microporous        1    17        17       
                   Media with Fluid/Substrate Energy Exchange - Part 1

Bush               (Mechanical & Material Engineering, University of Western Australia)
g24                3D Modelling of Metal Matrix Composites           1    46        12       

Diepeveen          (Mathematics, Murdoch University)                                    
g40                Genetic Polymorphisms - A Computer Assisted       2     3         1        

Guss               (Chemistry, University of Sydney)                                    
e72                Structure Refinement and MD Calculations for      1    24         5        

Harrowell          (Chemistry, University of Sydney)                                    
g16                Structural Transitions in Colloidal Suspensions   2    19        10       
                   Under Shear                                                          
g34                The Role of Molecular Flexibility in              1    91         7        
                   Stabilizing Translational Order in Liquid Crystals                   

Haymet             (Chemistry, University of Sydney)                                    
e74                Calculation of Entropies of Solvation             4   103        50       

Heiser             (Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales)
g32                Simulation of Silicon Solar Cells                 4    98        38       

Macrossan          (Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland)
g13                Hypervelocity 3D Aerodynamics with Chemical       5    16         4        

Mees               (Mathematics, University of Western Australia)                       
g26                Natural Neighbour Interpolation in Higher         2    54        18       

Paddon-Row         (Chemistry, University of New South Wales)                           
e01                Theoretical Modelling of Chemical Reactivity      2    84        45       

Pongracic          (School of Physics, University of Sydney)                            
g27                Quasi-Periodic-Oscillations of Accretion Shocks   2    31        20       
                   in Magnetic White Dwarfs                   
g35                The Influence of Magnetic Fields on Star          2    59        50       

Sadus              (Computer Science, Swinburne University)                             
g36                Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions         3    40        26       

Smith              (Physics Department, University of Newcastle)                        
g38                Chemisorption and Etching on Silicon Surfaces     3    86        71       

Storer             (Physics, Flinders University)                                       
e80                Effect of Resistivity on Tokomak Eigenmodes       3    26         8        

Togneri            (Engineering, University of Western Australia)                       
g43                Arrhythmia Detection in ECGs/A Neural Network     2     7         3         
                   Model Based on Hermite Functions
von Nagy-Felsobuki (Chemistry, University of Newcastle)                                 
g19                Rovibrational Calculations of Bent Triatomic      4   105        22       

Warrener           (Chemistry, Central Queensland University)                           
g45                Design and Construction of Cavity Molecules       3    14         9        
                   Guided by Ab Initio Calculations 
Williams           (Physics and Mathematical Physics, University of Adelaide)                   
g21                Research in Computational Physics                 3    58        34       

Wolff              (Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre, University of Tasmania)                   
g22                Southern Ocean and Atmosphere Process Model       2   141       121      
g28                Parametrization of Potential Vorticity Fluxes     1    33        15       

Wong               (Chemistry, University of Queensland)                                
g09                AB Initio Molecular Orbital Calculations          2    11        11       

Yates              (Chemistry, University of Tasmania)                                  
g29                Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of the       3   111       103      
                   Stevens Rearrangement and Related Reactions                    

Zheng              (Theoretical Chemistry, University of Sydney)                        
g37                Quantum Mechanical Simulation of Gas/Surface      1    50        50       
Totals                                                               57  132       750