Visitors to the Supercomputer Facility

During 1994 there was a visit by staff of Fujitsu Japan for a regular management meeting for the joint projects between ANU and Fujitsu. Visitors included:

Dr Y Kosaka, Engineer in Chief, Systems Business Promotion Group 24-25 February

Mr T Ishigai, Manager, Supercomputer Applications Section 24-25 February

Mr A Ushikoshi, Research Centre for Computational Science 24-25 February

Mr T Okuzumi, Oceania and Canada Division 24-25 February

As well as a number of visits from external users of the VP and from industrial representatives, the following persons visited the Facility in 1994:

Ms Beth Wittaker, Queensland University of Technology 11-21 January

Dr Wayne Shiver, Assistant to the President, UCAR, Colorado, USA 14 February

Dr Jim Simpson, Director, Satellite Oceanography Centre, Scripps Insitution 9March

Professor A. Krzesinski, Computer Science, University of Stellenborch, SA 17 March

Dr Alistair Rendell, Daresbury Laboratory 2-13 May

Dr A Wong, Batelle Pacific northwest laboratory 2-3 May

Dr Jim Otis, Minnessota Supercomputer Center 12 May

Mr David Lamont, ACT Government 24 May

Mr K Hasegawa, Ambassador of Japan 26 May

Dr Raj Thiagarajan, European Molecular Biology Laboratories, Heidelberg, Germany 26-27 May

Mr Ben Simon, Sydney Regional Visualization Laboratory 30-31 May

Mr Robin Street, Ford Australia 14 October

Mr Phil Spender, Ford Australia 19 October

Dr Bob Oglesby, Purdue University (with CRES) 6-14 March, 24 November - 6 December

Dr L Buja, National Center for Atmospheric Research (with CRES) 6-14March, 28 November - 6 December

Dr G Bates, National Centre for Atmospheric Research (with CRES) 28 November -3 December

A delegation from the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry visited on 26 October led by Mr Toshinori Saeki, Deputy Director, MITI and including Mr Takeshi Harakawa and Dr Tomofumi Kobayashi of Hitachi, Mr Kazuo Izumi and Mr Hidehiko Okubo of Fujitsu, Dr Shun Doi of NEC and Mr Akira Furusawa of the Japanese Electronic Industry Assocation.

In addition, a delegation from the Fujitsu Center Association, Japan visited on 9 March. A number of other groups made tours of the Facility, including students from the Department of Mathematics, Monash University.