Conference Attendance and Other Travel

Dr Nobes presented a paper on Computational Chemistry on Fujitsu Parallel Computers - First Experiments at the Parallel Computing in Chemistry Symposium of the American Chemical Society Meeting, San Diego, USA, 13-17 March.

Dr Nobes and Dr Wielopolski attended the Eighth International Congress of Quantum Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic 19-23 June and the Density Functional Theory meeting in Cracow, Poland 12-16 June.

Dr Wielopolski also attended the Computers in Chemistry conference entitled Computational Methods for Large Molecular Systems, 23-26 June in Wroclaw, Poland and a workshop on Modern Electronic Structure Methods held at the RSC on 18 November.

Dr Nobes travelled to Japan 22-28 August to complete work on a VPP system as part of the collaborative project with Fujitsu. He has spent time as a visitor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK from July.

Dr Gingold (together with Professors Stanton and McRobbie) visited Fluid Thinking's headquarters in Southport on 12 May as part of the agreement with Sun Microsystems to provide supercomputer resources to Fluid Thinking to assist their design of the Australian America's Cup yacht challengers for 1995. He and Dr Singleton, along with Professors Stanton and McRobbie joined the Vice-Chancellor and the Hon. Peter Cook, the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology at the official launch of the involvement of ANU in the project held at Southport on 3 September.

Dr Gingold visited Fujitsu in Japan together with Dr Erskine, Professors Stanton and McRobbie from 4-7 October for a regular management meeting to discuss the progress and future directions of the collaborative research and development projects.

Dr Gingold attended the Fujitsu International Supercomputer Users Group meeting FISUM 3 held in Calgary and Banff from 8-14 November. Mr John Barlow, PCRF also attended. Dr Gingold and Dr Singleton attended the major US high performance computing annual conference, Supercomputer 94 held in Washington from 14-18 November.

Mr Whitehouse attended SIGGRAPH 94 in Orlando, Florida from 25-29 July and visited the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center 1-2 August where he gave a talk on High Performance Computing at the ANU.

Dr Kahn and Mr Whitehouse attended a workshop on Visualizing the Atmosphere and Ocean in Sydney, 21-25 February and Mr Whitehouse presented a video of work done at the ANU.

Dr Edberg and Mr Whitehouse attended a CSIRO symposium on Computational Challenges in the Life Sciences in Melbourne, 12-13 May.

Dr Green attended and presented papers at the International Workshop on Development of a Biodiversity Information Network, Campinas Brazil in February and the European Biodiversity Databases, Development Conference, Edinburgh, in July. He also attended the Complex Systems Conference, Rockhampton in August.