Education, Seminars and Related Academic Activities

Supercomputer and Related Seminars

The following lists seminars given by ANUSF staff and those organized by the Facility during 1994.

In the regular CMA Advanced Computational Seminar Series, Dr Dow gave a presentation on Transposing a Matrix on a Vector Computer on 21 November. He gave a seminar on Introduction to Supercomputers and Conjugate Gradient Methods at the Mathematics Department, University of Tasmania, on 15 November.

Dr Roger Edberg gave a presentation to the Research School of Chemistry on 29 April on Chemistry Animation and Software at the ANU in which he presented videos of animations of computational chemistry calculations made over the last year.

Dr Bob Gingold gave a paper to the Annual Meeting of the Australian Astronomical Society on High Performance Computing Infrastructure and Trends on 14 July. He also made a presentation on HPC Infrastructure to the Global Challenge Confederation meeting at the ANU on 24 November.

Dr David Singleton gave a paper at the Multigrid Workshop organized by the School of Mathematical Sciences from 18-22 April on Multigrid in Data Parallel on the Connection Machine. A number of other ANU supercomputer users also gave presentations at the workshop.

Dr Singleton also presented a paper entitled PPM Simulations of Ablation by Jets to the Magnetic Fields, Disks and Jets Workshop organized buy the ANU Astrophysical Theory Centre on 18 April.

Mr Drew Whitehouse organized a seminar on the Advanced Visualization Systems (AVS) software on 10 August.

Dr Jay Larson, Climate Impacts Centre, Macqaurie University, gave a talk on 6 May on Strategies for Developing and Analyzing Climate Model Output.

Dr Gary Bates, National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Colorado, gave a joint seminar with CRES on 5 December entitled Recent Nested Modelling Experiments with the NCAR Regional Climate Model.

Dr Jim Simpson, Director, Satellite Datasets for Earth Observation, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego gave a seminar, in conjunction with the CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications and the Department of Geography, The Faculties on 9 March on the topic Managing Large Satellite Datasets for Earth Observation.

Dr Alistair Rendell, Daresbury, UK gave a presentation on Parallel Computers and Post-SCF Methods at a Mini-Symposium on Parallel Computing in Chemistry organized on 2 May. Dr Adrian Wong, Molecular Science Research Centre, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, USA gave a talk at the same symposium on Approaches to Large-scale Parallel SCF.

Dr Rendell also gave a presentation on 11 May on parallel computing activities at Daresbury to the ANU CAP Research Group, Department of Computer Science and Computer Science Laboratory, RSISE.

A number of seminars were organized in conjunction with the PCRF. Dr John Salmon, MSSSO/CISR gave a presentation on the Hashed Oct-Tree N-Body Algorithm on 26 September.

Mr Mark Henderson, manager of Advanced Computing, Argonne National Laboratory gave seminars on Scalable I/O and A General Purpose Scheduler for the IBM SP2 on 14 and 15 July.

Dr Raj Thiagarajan, European Molecular Biology Laboratories, Heidelberg, gave a seminar on Using PVM to Parallelize the X-PLOR Crystallography Package and NMR on 26 May.

Mr Norm Synder, Highly Parallel Supercomputer Systems, IBM gave a talk on IBM's Parallel Supercomputer Strategy on 23 May.

VP2200 and CM-5 Courses

With the maturity of the supercomputer systems, the demand for courses on use of the systems has lessened. Dr David Singleton, with assistance from Dr Kahn gave a CM-5 CM FORTRAN course on 20 January which was attended by 17 persons, including 7 vacation scholars.

Undergraduate Educational Activities

The Supercomputer Facility and the Department of Computer Science submitted a proposal to the Quality Assurance Program to establish an educational program in computational science and engineering. The proposal was partly funded, and with the support of other funds is expected to begin in 1995. Initially senior undergraduate courses will be established, followed by postgraduate and industrial courses. The aim is to take a 'hands-on' approach based on solving real-world problems. A computational laboratory will be established with links to high performance computing systems on campus.

A successful proposal to the Quality Assurance Program was made in conjunction with the Centre for Resource and Environmental Sciences to appoint a programmer to assist (amongst other duties) with establishing materials for the teaching of courses by the Department of Geography and CRES in climate modelling.

Dr Leo Brewin, a former ANUSF staff member, continued to give an 18 lecture course to undergraduates at Monash University on principles and practice of advanced computing. The course used resources available through the VP2200 External Use Scheme.

Outreach to Community and Industry

On 19 October Dr Bob Gingold gave a presentation to the Science Teachers Association of the ACT and the Technology and Computing Teachers Association on High Performance Computing.

In January, Ms Beth Whittaker, Queensland University of Technology spent two weeks working with Mr Drew Whitehouse learning visualization techniques.

Mr Drew Whitehouse and a colleague from Sydney Regional Visualization Facility participated in a demonstration of high performance computing and visualization to the Prime Minister's Science and Engineering Council on 9 December.

Fujitsu ANU-Japan Researcher Exchange Scheme

As part of the research and development agreement between the ANU and Fujitsu entered into at the time of the acquisition of the VP100 a number of visits of ANU researchers to Japan and vice versa have been funded over the years. In 1994, Dr Henry Gardner, RSPhySE was assisted to attend the US-Japan Workshop on Island Formation in Toroidal Plasmas and Related Transport Phenomena held in Nagoya from 23-25 March. He also visited the National Institute for Fusion Science in Nagoya from 28-30 March.


Dr Nobes is the principal organizer for a major international scientific meeting Molecular Quantum Mechanics: Methods and Applications to be held in Cambridge, UK in September 1995.