ANUSF 1993 Annual Report

Cover Image

The cover illustration is part of a study of the gravitational collapse of a magnetized vortex made by
Dr Z Meglicki and collaborators on the VP2200. The simulation demonstrates that a strong magnetic field may result and perhaps explains some characteristic strucures observed in the centre of our galaxy.

R Erskine Director, Computing Services

R A Gingold Head, Academic Services

The Australian National University Supercomputer Facility

Leonard Huxley Building

The Australian National University

Mills Road


Postal address: ANU, ACT 0200, Australia

Telephone: +(06) 249 3437 / 4161

Fax: +(06) 247 3425

Electronic mail:

  1. Staff
  2. Highlights of 1993 and Future Directions
  3. Overview of the Supercomputer Facility
  4. Management and Staff
  5. Education, Seminars and Related Academic Activities
  6. Publications
  7. Conference Attendance and Other Travel
  8. Collaboration with Industry
  9. Visitors to the Supercomputer Facility
  10. Hardware, Software amd System Performance
  11. Scientific Visualization Laboratory
  12. External Use Scheme for Australian Universities
  13. Table 1 -External University Principal Investigators - Grants and Usage on the VP2200
  14. Time Allocation Committee and ANU Usage
  15. Table 2 - Distribution of ANU VP2200 Time Allocations by Research Field, 1993
  16. Table 3 - ANU Principal Investigators - Grants and Usage on the VP2200
  17. Table 4 - ANU Principal Investigators - Grants and Usage on the CM5
  18. Appendix A: ANU VP2200 and CM-5 Individual Research Reports
  19. Appendix B: External University Individual VP2200 Research Reports
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