Report for EXT projects on vpp for the time periods Jan-Mar,2000, Apr-Jun,2000, Jul-Sep,2000, Oct-Dec,2000

Project Title Number of
Banner M L (Mathematics, University of NSW)
h01 Modelling Spectral Dissipation in the Evolution of Wind Waves 2 600 283
Bisset D K (Mechanical Engineering, University of Newcastle)
g91 The AGE Method for DNS of Turbulent Shear Flows 1 340 180
Blackburn H M (Building, Construction and Eng, Monash University)
g89 Spectral Element Methods For Turbulent Flow Simulation 4 4590 4562
Bursill R J (Physics, University of NSW)
h04 Density Matrix Renormalisation Group Studies of Quantum Lattice Models 5 3038 973
Coutis P F (Centre in Stat Science and Ind Math, Queensland University of Technology)
h21 Numerical Modelling of Island Wakes in Deep and Shallow Water 2 860 377
Cranny T R (Charles Sturt University, Charles Sturt University)
h06 Density Classification 2 200 171
Daivis P J (Applied Physics, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
g73 Molecular Rheology of Freely Jointed Chain Model Polymer Melts 3 1150 940
Denier J P (Mathematics, University of Adelaide, University of Adelaide)
h11 Viscous Secondary Instabilities in Boundary Layer Flows 3 750 43
Djenidi L (Mechanical Engineering, University of Newcastle)
h30 Wall Turbulence Management by Roughness and Active Control 2 300 122
England M H (School of Mathematics, University of NSW)
h25 A Global Ocean Model Intercomparison Project 4 1000 215
Esselle K P (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Macquarie University)
g78 Human Organ Dosimetry Exposure to Radio and Microwave Fields 4 800 140
h29 Antenna Analysis and Design Using Advanced Numerical Electromagnetic Techniques 3 450 3
Hamer C J (Department of Physics, University of NSW)
g57 Study of Spin Lattice and Lattice Gauge Theory 6 2195 659
Harrowell P (Dept of Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g79 The Characteristic Length of Slow Dynamics in a Glass-forming Binary Mixture 3 1188 422
Haymet A D (School of Chemistry, University of Sydney)
g59 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Solutes in Liquid Water and at the Ice/Water Interface 3 200 0
Hocking G C (Maths and Stats, Murdoch University)
h24 Two-Layer Withdrawal from Reservoirs 2 600 1
Holloway P E (Geography and Oceanography, University of NSW)
g69 Modelling Tidal Generation of Internal Waves in The Ocean 3 1588 481
Hush N (Theoretical Chemistry, University of Sydney)
h27 Investigations of an Efficient Catalytic Mechanism Involving Platinum Complex Dimers 3 1250 981
Isreb M (Gippsland School of Engineering, Monash University)
h28 Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Analysis 2 25 0
Leslie L M (School of Mathematics, University of NSW)
h09 A New High Resolution Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Model 3 850 223
Middleton J F (Mathematics, University of NSW)
h00 Ocean Circulation of the Great Australian Bight 3 900 226
Middleton J H (Mathematics, University of NSW)
h02 Modelling Coastal Ocean Processes 6 2325 2024
Nesic S (Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland)
h23 LES/DNS Modelling of heat Transfer in Turbulent Flow 4 900 3
Pitman A J (Department of Physical Geography, Macquarie University)
g96 Base Simulations Within Global Soil Wetness Project 2 2047 2032
Sadus R J (School of Information Technology, Swinbourne University of Technology)
g36 Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions 6 2495 648
Schulte J (Applied Physics, University of Technology, Sydney)
g66 Quantum Molecular Dynamics of the Formation of Large Carbons 4 45 1
Soria J (Mechanical Engineering, Monash University)
h26 Coherent Structure Evolution in a Turbulent Channel Flow 2 2600 482
Stelbovics A T (Physics, Murdoch University)
h15 Direct Approach to Electron-Impact Excitation/Ionisation of Hydrogen 2 900 1
Storer R G (Department of Physics, Flinders University)
e80 Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics for Heliac and Stellarator Plasmas 2 400 147
Von.Nagy-Felsobuki E I (Dept of Chemistry, University of Newcastle)
g19 Rovibrational Calculations of Helide Ions 4 1750 655
Wang X H (School of Geography and Oceanography, University of NSW)
h12 A Numerical Study of Ocean Circulation in the South China Sea 1 925 372
Willett G D (School of Chemistry, University of NSW)
h14 Vanadium Oxide Cluster Anion Calculations - Optimized Structures and Reactivity with Small Organic Molecules 2 845 711
Yates B F (Department of Chemistry, University of Tasmania)
g29 Theoretical Studies on the Mechanism of the Stevens Rearrangement and Related Reactions 3 2899 2184
Totals* 41005 20262

* Totals include projects not listed here which made little or no use of the grant