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Supercomputer Time Application and Accounts on Other Systems

Accounts on the AlphaServer SC are available to research staff and postgraduate students at the ANU subject to the same conditions of use policy as for the NCI.

For external or industrial access please see here.

There are two ways to get a substantial grant on the APAC AlphaServer SC and Linux cluster:

  • through the ANU STAC (which allocates ANU's own share of the system).
  • through the APAC MAS (which allocates resources on a national basis).
Small start-up accounts are also available and straightforward to obtain (see below).

ANU Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee (STAC) Call for Applications Use the Application through Partner-Share Form link from http://nf.nci.org.au//accounts/forms/ to apply for a new project or the continuation of an existing project on the ANU's share of the APAC National Facility machine, the AlphaServer SC.
  • The Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee policy document is essential reading for those unfamiliar with the internal ANU procedures of the ANU Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee(STAC).
  • No charge is made for time granted on the AlphaServer SC. The APAC Board has determined that for the purposes of indicating the in-kind value of grants to bodies such as the ARC, a figure of $2 per processor hour should be used.
  • Current and past grants to ANU STAC projects.
The deadline for the next round of applications for the period 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2014 is 9am (AEDT) Monday 2 December, 2013. For more details see the Call for Applications.

Calls for applications to the STAC are made every 6 months in late April and October for allocations for 12 months to start in the following July and January. However, applications may be submitted at any time when there are reasons for not being able to submit at these rounds.

Please note that postgraduate students should apply through their supervisors.

APAC MAS Application Under the APAC Merit Allocation Scheme(MAS) resources on the AlphaServer SC are allocated by a national Merit Allocation Committee.
Small Start Up Allocation Start-up Grants are intended to help a researcher evaluate the suitability of the AlphaServer SC to their research and to assist in framing an application to the Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee.
Third Party Software Request Form If there is third-party software not currently installed on the AlphaServer SC that is essential to your project or which you believe would be useful, please complete the form.
Mass Data Requests SGI Altix AC projects apart from start-up projects are automatically allowed up to 20 Gbytes of storage on the mass data store tape system attached to the SGI Altix AC. If you require more than 20 Gbytes storage on the mass data store, you must apply by completing the Mass Data Form. Note that all users automatically have space for home directories and larger short term storage on disk.

Mass Data Form
for STAC Projects
or existing store projects Form
Massdata Form for NEW
Store only Projects Form

Vizlab To obtain an account on the Vizlab systems you will need to fill out the form and send it to anusf@anu.edu.au. For advice on your graphics needs, please contact one of the Viz programmers Drew Whitehouse, Ajay Limaye or Stuart Ramsden.

Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee Grants Information

For information on past grants and usages see the annual reports.