Visualization of the Chifley Water Catchment

Prof. Tony Jakeman and Lachlan Newham
Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES)

Darran Edmundson
ANU Supercomputer Facility Vizlab

The Integrated Catchment Assessment and Management Center (ICAM) is developing a modelling system for the Ben Chifley Dam Catchment designed to simulate the impact of changes in land and water management on nutrient and sediment delivery. The system integrates hydrologic, stream sediment and nutrient export models to enable the development and evaluation of management scenarios designed to reduce nutrient and sediment delivery to the dam.
We are currently (May 2002) developing visualizations of raw data to aid stakeholders in making informed decisions about catchment management. An accurate digital elevation model of the 3600 square kilometer region at 25 meter resolution is used together with satellite imagery, GIS road and stream data and experimental measurements of soil erosion.

Georeferenced aerial photograph of area surrounding the Chifley Dam superimposed upon digital elevation model (2x vertical height exaggeration).

False-colour view of entire catchment. Chifley dam and the reservoir lay at the top of the image. Green areas are state forests, blue and yellow lines are rivers and roads respectively. Lighting on the surface indicates areas of estimated high erosion.