Scientific Visualization at the ANU

Drew Whitehouse ANU Supercomputer Facility
Stuart Ramsden ANU Supercomputer Facility
These images and movies represent some of the Scientific Visualization work which has occured at the ANU in previous years.

  Neuron neuron.mpg (1.7 M)
  Siesmology A siesmologyA.mpg (1.2 M)
  Siesmology B siesmologyB.mpg (1.5 M)
  Siesmology C siesmologyC.mpg (1.5 M)
  Siesmology D siesmologyD.mpg (1.2 M)
  Oscillation modes for Fullerine (C60) bucky.mpg (0.29 M)
  Liquid Molecule liqmol.mpg (3.0 M)

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