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An Analysis and Visualization of the Risk Associated
with the Potential Failure of Nuclear Reactors in Turkey

John Taylor,
Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies,
Australian National University.

Stuart Ramsden,
Australian National University Supercomputer Facility,


An analysis of the risk to surrounding countries from a potential release of radioactive gas from a possible reactor failure in Turkey has been performed using the Australian National University Chemical Transport Model (ANU-CTM). Turkey is about to build its first of up to ten nuclear power generators. The modelling results indicate that Turkey and the countries of the middle East would be at greatest risk from a release of radioactivity from the proposed nuclear power reactors located near Akkuyu, Turkey. A computer visualization simulating the dispersion of a radioactive tracer released from near Akkuyu, Turkey was prepared using meteorological data for 1993.

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Copyright - Australian National University, 1998.

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