2002 OzViz workshop

Dear colleagues, and Australian and NZ Visualisation & Virtual Environments people,

OzVis 01 was hosted last December by ANU, Canberra and generated a lot of interest in the Australian Vis-VR community.

OzVis-02 will be hosted by VisLab at the University of Sydney on December 3-4 At the same time we will celebrate the 10-th anniversary of VisLab. We think we can fill 2 days with talks, and would like to have a celebratory dinner. There will be no formal registration fee. However, we think it might be fair to ask a ~A$25-50 charge, essentially to contribute to the dinner - I am open to comments: eg. what's fair for students, etc. We will absorb any excess costs. If you think its better to call it " registration", then I am open to discussion. (I do recall that this issue was discussed last Dec.)

The research presented last year was excellent - a nice feature was the number of student talks. We suspect that there is enough content for a 2-day meeting; or at least a bit more than 1-day. One of the local colleges would be available for reasonably priced accommodation.

This year we would like to publish current research in vis and VR professionally. Springer Verlag is interested in publishing an edited volume, but will want to look over the list of topics beforehand, understandably. They were interested in the topics presented at OzVis-01 in Canberra. In order to publish a book with Springer-Verlag, the publisher would like to have an idea of the topics that will be presented - hence we need some Tiles and short Abstracts. We will have an in-Australia reviewing process. It is not essential to present a publishable talk - some may not want the extra work. Even so we'd like to hear your talk.

We would like to invite you to submit a short abstract (100 to 200 words) before August 9 2002. This is a unique opportunity to showcase the work done in Australia and New Zealand.

Topics: many aspects of visualisation or virtual reality (hardware or software or applications)) in any discipline. A modified of the "any" is that we would like some, if not a lot of, science and scholarly work as this is important for publication.

A web site with more information on the 2-day conference will be available soon.

Please send your abstracts to Bernard and Anita [cc'd] within a few weeks, say by 23 Aug.

thanks Bernard

Professor of Scientific Computation & Visualisation
Director, Sydney VisLab ph +61-2-9351-5901
( VisLab-Physics -3005)
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University of Sydney. fax +61-2-9351-7726
Broadway, NSW 2006. bap@vislab.usyd.edu.au

Drew R Whitehouse
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