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Australian Visualisation and Virtual Reality Interest Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Australian Visualisation and Virtual Reality Interest Group, an informal collection of workers in the field. The group came together for the first time in late 2001 to hold a workshop, hosted by the Australian National University Supercomputer Facility Vizlab and APAC (Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing).

Mailing List

A mailing list has been set up and the attendees names have been added. To subscribe to the list send a message to listproc at anu.edu.au (making the obvious change to the address) with the a line of the form "subscribe ozviz Firstname Lastname". Then after you've been approved you can send messages to the list by sending to the address ozviz at listproc.anu.edu.au. See this manual for instructions on managing your list subscription.

OzViz 2002 Workshop

OzVis-02 will be hosted by VisLab at the University of Sydney on December 3-4 At the same time we will celebrate the 10-th anniversary of VisLab.

We aim to have 1.5-2 days of talks, and a celebratory dinner. A detailed Schedule will be circulated within the next few days, to give you a better sense of what's on.

Many of you have submitted Abstracts - thank you. They will form the basis of the schedule of talks. These should be 20 mins (say 15 mins + 5 mins of Q&A) to allow the number of talks - a range of A/V facilities, etc will be available.

We plan to publish a booklet of Abstracts to mark the event. (earlier indications were that S-V might publish a volume - however they want it to be more focused; and it seems that our group and its efforts has a much broader scope; so for the moment a published proceedings is not realistic, I'm sorry to say.)


Physics Building (A28), U Sydney campus - LT8 [aka Slade lecture Thr.) on middle of ground floor


Coffee etc at 8:30am. Start at 9am, with officials and Keynote from MIT.

No registration fee. We will provide morning & afternoon tea & light lunch. Dinner at Women's Collge on campus [50m SW] - say 6pm for 6:30pm on Tues Dec 3 - we'd like to charge $50 for academics, etc and $25 for students for food, and will issue receipts - this is the only charge; -- drinks will be provided by us. We need to accurately advise numbers for catering, so please RSVP for dinner, to me and/or Anita by Fri Nov 22.


Note: we are on USyd campus, NOT at the ATP for this event.

My understanding is that APAC will provide some sponsorship to the host and to state level Partners, to support attendance [eg by students] at such an event.

.. more updates soon, we hope to see you here.

cheers Bernard.

OzViz 2001 Workshop

Proceedings (12 December 2001):

(speakers - please forward files or links to your presentations to Drew)


Some snaps of the days events are available (thanks Darran, did anyone else take photos they'd like to share ?)

Drew Whitehouse
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