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Overview The ANUSF "VizLab" was established in May 1990 to assist researchers and post-graduate students interpret the data generated by computer simulations, remote sensors and experiments through the application of modern computer graphics techniques. The laboratory is located on the 4th floor of the Leonard Huxley Building.
The Vizlab supports high performance graphics workstations and virtual environment systems with a range of relevant software tools. The Vizlab also provides video taping facilities to record computer generated animations. Hardware and software available is detailed on the APAC-NF Web site via the links on the left.
Userguide The userguide includes getting started hints.
Consulting and Accounts The Visualization Programmers can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of visualization and using the facilities.
Showcase Some examples of past work done with the help of the ANUSF Vizlab staff and facilities.
Virtual Environments Low cost Virtual Environments created by the ANUSF Vizlab.
OzViz workshops Papers from first OzViz workshop held at ANU in Dec 2001.
Drishti Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool