Drishti : Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool


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Stable versions now available for download at


Drishti interface and engine has been rewritten using QT with an aim towards presenting a better user experience.

Ancient version

Drishti-0.1.8 is still available.


Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool

Latest versions (v2.0 and above) now available for download from

Github site.

Drishti stands for vision or insight in Sanskrit, an Indian language.

Drishti has been developed keeping in mind the end-use : visualizing tomography data, electron-microscopy data, etc. Understanding the data set is important and conveying that understanding to the research community or a lay person is equally important. Drishti is aiming for both. The central idea about Drishti is that the scientists should be able to use it for exploring volumetric datasets as well as use it in presentations.

The software has been completely rewritten from scratch in the past year. Drishti will be continually upgraded to add new useful features.

Drishti : Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool