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VIZLAB has a portable passive-stereo system suitable for demonstrations and temporary exhibitions. In the images below, 3D movies are presented side-by-side with an explanatory slideshow. An alternative arrangement has the 3D imagery filling the entire 2m x 1.5m screen. The screen and surrounding booth travelled to Phoenix in 2003 to appear in the SC2003 (Supercomputer 2003) conference exhibition. A combination of interactive and pre-rendered visualizations showcasing research performed at the APAC National Facility was presented.

Passive stereo screen on display at the APAC 2003 Conference, Gold Coast. Here we have side-by-side stereo movies and non-stereo slides.

The system is comprised of:

  • 2m x 1.5m Stewart Filmscreen frame with rear-projection polarization-preserving "Disney Black" surface
  • 2 PLUS slimline 1024x768 DLP projectors
  • Custom dual projector mounting rack including polarizing filters and mirror for reducing the projector "throw" - allows coaligned polarized left-eye and right-eye images to be displayed
  • PC computer with dual-head graphics card and high-speed disk array capable of streaming high-resolution uncompressed stereo movies
  • Portable booth with blacking cloth for creating darkened viewing environment

View of the National Facility display from above showing the booth surrounding the portable screen. The booth provides a darkened environment for an otherwise bright space.
Screen system on display at the inaugural Spatial Sciences conference (2003).