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As part of "Project Jigsaw", VIZLAB's Ajay Limaye and Professor of Art History Michael Greenhalgh have WWW-published a VRML-based model of the great Buddhist stupa Borobudur in Java, Indonesia. The model, replete with high-resolution texture map images of 2,672 unique relief carvings, also includes hyperlinks to relevent religious and historical texts.
Crystal Structures
ANU Applied Mathematics Professor Stephen Hyde studies so-called hyperbolic minimal surfaces with applications to unusual crystal structures of real materials. VIZLAB's Stuart Ramsden has created a number of pSpace-based tools that allow the research group to explore these structures in the VIZLAB's virtual environment.
Portable Passive Stereo System
For portable demonstrations, VIZLAB has a 2m x 1.5m rear-projection screen capable of handling passive stereo projection. An encompassing booth to create a dark viewing area, a high-performance PC with a high-speed disk array allows us to display both interactive and pre-rendered high resolution stereo movies.