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Written by VIZLAB founder Drew Whitehouse, pSpace (short for 'pointer to Space/python Space') is our proprietary flexible scripting language-based software for developing Interactive Virtual Environments. pSpace supports environments with mono or stereo displays on single or multiple screens and will run under SGI IRIX and Windows-based systems. Based on the Python language, pSpace provides an interface to SGI's high level drawing and scene-graph libraries Cosmo3D and Optimizer.


Created by VIZLAB's Stuart Ramsden, pH-Scene is an in-house Python package that allows us to record content created in the high-end animation package Houdini with subsequent playback into virtual environments via pSpace. pH-Scene drives the Discovery Centre VR theatre and was used in early prototyping of kSpace .

Animation Packages

We have commercial license and expertise in a number of high-end animation packages including Houdini, Mirai and 3D Studio Max. Each package has particular strengths that we leverage against the VE job at hand.


VIZLAB has an array of hardware, including:

  • an SGI Onyx2 Infinite Reality graphics computer
  • a large rear-screen CRT projection system
  • a number of SGI workstations and high-end PCs supporting stereo output
  • a Polhemus 6 degree-of-freedom magnetic tracking device

Adjunct facilities include: