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Technical Details


kSpaceControl, the overall exhibit server and control code written by Ajay Limaye and Drew Whitehouse, is stock Python.

kSpaceCapture the photo capture and blue screening system was written by Ajay Limaye and Drew Whitehouse using wxPython and Mark Hammond's win32 extensions for embedding ActiveX controls.

kSpaceDesign, the interactive design code created by Darran Edmundson with component modeling by Steve Duke, is written in Python/pSpace.

The stereo screensaver and waiting-area animated montage by Stuart Ramsden is also Python/pSpace.

kSpaceTheatre was coded by Drew Whitehouse and is powerered by Intrinsic Alchemy, a high performance scenegraph system that is primarily used in the games industry on PC's and consoles , but has been extremely flexible for our purposes.

For 3D modeling, artist Steve Duke used Mirai to design the city. Drew Whitehouse massaged the geometry, animated the flythrough and secondary motion in 3D Studio Max. SideFX Houdini was used for early testing.


kSpace hardware is comprised of:

  • a dedicated server and theatre-display computer
  • 12 interactive workstations with touch-screen monitors
  • photo-capture PC and large flat-panel plasma display
  • CRT projection system for the 4x3 metre theatre screen
  • active-stereo glasses and infrared stereo emitters
  • a surround sound system