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Concept Art

VIZLAB artist Stephen Duke's concept drawings heavily influenced the final "look and feel" of kSpace. Due to the detail in these drawings, the thumbnails below often show just a a subsection of each picture - select to view the entire image at higher resolution in a new browser window. Please note that all images are copyright, National Museum of Australia, 2001.

In kSpace, residents inhabit homes of their own design, linked to the rest of the community by catwalks, lifts and corridors. Strange by today's standards, vehicles reflecting the differing personalities of their respective owners swarm through the city.
                                 With a constructor-set approach to vehicle and building creation, Steve drew up sheets of components that would later be modeled and populate the kSpaceDesign database.
Decorated with various attachments for propulsion, communication, fuel, etc., the same vehicle body yields a number of distinctive possibilities.