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kSpace @ National Museum of Australia
Schoolchildren visit the NMA's kSpace Created for the newly-opened National Museum of Australia, kSpace (short for "Kid's Space") is a VE experience that asks children to "imagine what life will be like for future generations". Opening to the accolades of our customers - children ages 6 and up - kids interactively design futuristic buildings and vehicles that populate the virtual world of kSpace.
CSIRO Discovery Centre
CSIRO Discovery Centre at dusk The Discovery Centre showcases the best of Australian technology and innovation created by CSIRO, the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization. A keystone exhibit is the Nortel Networks Virtual Reality Theatre, a two-screen system for which VIZLAB created a 7-minute VR tour of CSIRO plant science, mining and radioastronomy.
Powerhouse Wedge
Children in the Powerhouse Wedge The Powerhouse Museum, located in Darling Harbour, Sydney, hosts unique and diverse exhibits spanning science, technology and social history. The award-winning Universal Machine exhibit contains VIZLAB's first public VE system powered by our custom pSpace scripting software.