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Please note, all show images are copyright 2000, CSIRO Discovery.

When the theatre is not in use, a 3D screen-saver fills the two large screens. The elements move randomly to prevent phosphor burn on the CRT projectors.
Continuity between the show's three segments is achieved with a 3D CSIRO "portal" which opens and closes as a transition element.
In the segment discussing CSIRO's research into cotton plants, a moth buzzes the audience. The experience is enhanced with a spatial sound system that attaches an effect to the virtual object.
Using terrain data from an actual coal mine, the mining segment features a helicopter flythrough along the trench. Hold on to the rail, this scene makes the occassional visitor lose balance.
In the final section on radioastronomy, we visit a black hole and follow the emitted radiowaves back to a telescope on earth.
The show closes with a word from the sponsor and kudos to the people who made it happen.