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VPP300 software

The VPP300 provides a relatively modern programming environment based on the latest standards in languages and parallel libraries as well as useful development tools. It is hoped that all requested high performance third party software can also be made available - contact ANUSF about specific needs. The currently installed software can be found in our ANUSF software map. See below for our list of current versions of Fujitsu Software. Further details of using this software can be found in our VPP Userguide or in the Fujitsu On-line Documentation.

Related Solaris software

The development environment of the VPP300 is quite closely coupled with covpp through Fujitsu's SPARC Development environment. Solaris versions of the compiler, debugger, sampler and workbench as well as a very impressive source analyzer tool. For ANU researchers, this software is also available for installation on your local SUN. Contact us for details on getting access to the software.

Fujitsu Software Installed

Package/Software Name Version Installed
UXP/V V10L20 X98121 UX14718 UX14840 UX14915 UX14938
FPFS L070343-990611
Network Queuing System V10L30 X00000 UX14960
uxpNQS-JM V10L20 X00000
LVCF V10L10 X97061
Fortran90/VP V10L10 L98121
Fortran90/VPP V10L10 L98121
ANSI C Language V10L10 L95111, UL48000, UL48005, UL48049
C/VP V10L10 L98121
SSL2/VP V14L10 L98011, UL60755
SSL2/VPP V12L10 L97051, UL60154
MPI V10L10 L97061, UL59508
PVM V10L10 L97031
ANALYZER V12L10 L98031, UL59877
VPP Workbench 1.0.1
X WINDOW V11L60 X97011, UX12816
MTF V20L10 X97011

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