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Data Services and Project support
Services Offered ANUSF supports projects with large data or data intensive requirements. The areas covered include
  • managing large or complex data repositories
  • Web portals and specialist tools
  • curation advice of data and metadata
  • grid technologies for remote access, transfer and replication of data
  • relational database management support
  • data mining and analysis
  • support for data workflows and pipelines linking to instruments or computational models
  • project tracking, auditing and performance advice
The facility manages a large mass data storage system which is an environment that supports many of these activities.

Through the facilities Vizlab there are related services for assistance with visualiation techniques for existing datasets.

Applying for a Project Projects which are requesting space and support on the system should do so by submitting a form with details about the project. Forms to apply for a new data project or apply to renew a data project, or extend the MDSS grant of an ANU compute project are hosted on the NCI National Facility web pages. There is also to extend the MDSS grant of an MAS compute project. Please note the access policy.

See existing ANU projects and datasets MDSS Usage.

Consulting Support Projects dealing with massive amounts of data need to carefully consider all aspects of data acquisition, storage, retrieval, navigation, and interpretation. ANUSF consulting staff are available to assist projects in all phases of this cradle-to-grave process. Send email to to make an appointment for an exploratory conversation. ANUSF staff are available for either short-term or long-term consultancies to assist with data management.
Data Storage System Details The Mass Data Storage System is the main infrastructure for managing data. The facility (more details) includes :
  • high speed network connection to AARNet and Grangenet
  • web, grid and other data transfer programs
  • large disk-resident high speed I/O filesystems in a unix environment
  • integrated deep archival facility through use of HSM filesystem management
  • various utilities for the transfer of data
  • clustered user accessible relational database support
  • programmer interfaces to manage data
Software available A range of software tools is available to assist with data problems, including access to database servers,network transfers, data formats, data analysis and repository management software. See our software list for details. If the list does not have the software you require then submit a software request form.
Data Handling Techniques There are a range of technologies and techniques for working with large data.