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Data Storage System Details

The Mass Data Storage System is the main infrastructure for managing data.

Userguide A userguide describes the set-up, large filesystems and other configuration issues to help use the system for your project.
System Configuration The configuration of the basic system, which includes both hardware and system level software.
Network Connectivity The Mass Data Store has high bandwidth network connecctions to several networks. The store is also connected to the local area network node ( CARNO) of the Australian Research Network (AARNet), and the ANU Internet backbone using gigabit links.

The MDSS is also connected to both the AARNet network and GrangeNet. Agreements are now in place between AARNet and some overseas educational networks to allow zero cost network transfers to take place. These places are considered "on-net". To test this use the AARNet Net Address Query system. The GrangeNet broadband network connects participating institutions and centres that have signed up as partners, using multiple gigabit links. This allows fast data transfer throughout Australia. The status of the GrangeNet connections is monitored via the GrangeNet weather station.

The MDSS is connected to the APAC peak facility using gigabit links to enable high bandwidth data transfer capability.

Downtimes Consult the list of downtimes of the system.
Data Protection & Security We have a detailed description regarding data protection on the system.